It's all about finding a new form of expression and enjoying it to the fullest.
Monster Piano

Monster Piano Videos Played by Music Students in Italy

Monster Piano. MONSTROUS FUN!!"

— What could be more fun than a piano you play with your feet?

The Monster Piano is guaranteed to add unlimited hours of fun and learning to any institution or business. Whether you're a school, preschool, music academy, mall or recreation center, the benefits of the Monster Piano are enormous. The Monster Piano is a floor piano that can be used as an educational tool, a popular attraction, or just for having fun!

Why Buy a Monster Piano

• Teaching Tool -- The Monster Piano is a real instrument and as such is a valuable teaching tool for music academies and pre-schools. It‘s fun, challenging and keeps kids coming back for more.

• Entertainment Value —- Party Rentals have successfully used floor pianos to add pizzazz to parties, weddings and fundraisers.

• Advertising –- The Monster Piano is an irresistible draw for all kinds of people. It can be used by businesses, big malls, or other retail outlets as a way to get customers in the door.

• Promotes Health -- There’s no question the Monster Piano gives a good aerobic workout. It provides valuable exercise for your body and your brain. It not only improves a person’s overall dexterity, but promotes complex thought processes. After a few lessons when you and your feet have gained a little confidence it is very easy to create playful improvisations and compositions of your own.

• Versatility —- The Monster Piano is incredibly versatile and can be used as a solo instrument, an accompaniment instrument, or perhaps most fun of all, an instrument that allows you to perform with others. When playing together, performers are constantly challenged to pay close attention to the tempo, rhythm and dynamics of the song. However, it’s beyond satisfying to practice a piece of music with a partner, finally get it together, and put on a show for yourself and others!

• Affordability -– Previously the big piano or walking piano was so expensive only museums or large institutions could afford one. ($250,000.00 at FAO Schwartz in NYC). Monster Piano offers a more affordable floor piano easily operated by a wireless remote

• For the “Art” of it All –- There is something so instantly appealing about a floor piano. The way it merges dance, music and play opens up a whole new world of artistic expression. Even the simplest song when combined with dance can become a work of art.